As a Canadian Red Cross training partner, we are committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients. We prioritize responding to any emails or phone calls within 24 hours. While we always strive to accommodate all our clients, we understand that issues or customer complaints may arise from time to time. Our approach to handling these situations is rooted in following the Red Cross standards. If a client makes a request that goes against the Red Cross standards, it is considered illegitimate and cannot be granted. However, for legitimate requests, we approach them in a way that reflects the seven different fundamental principles of the Red Cross. We ensure that we hear both sides of the story, treat everyone equally and without discrimination, and maintain approachability and availability to address any questions or concerns. Accommodation, in line with the Red Cross standards, is always provided where reasonable and feasible. This may involve allowing someone to perform CPR on a table, granting additional time for tests, or facilitating same-gender partnerships, among other considerations. Our proposed policies and procedures outlined in the Operations section of this business plan serve as a comprehensive guideline when addressing customer requests.

As a team of first aid instructors, we strongly believe in prevention as the key to conflict management. It is our conviction that preventing conflicts is far easier than dealing with them after they have occurred. We employ a range of effective tools in our everyday practice as instructors to proactively prevent conflicts. These tools will be seamlessly integrated into our role as a training partner. One such tool is the utilization of group charters, which establish clear expectations and foster mutual respect among participants. By communicating the course structure and highlighting the essential skills required for success at the outset of each course, we ensure a smooth learning experience.

Creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all participants is fundamental to our values. We are attentive to societal changes, such as the wider acceptance of alternative gender pronouns, and readily adapt our approach. Acknowledging and respecting participants’ preferred pronouns and encouraging an open and inclusive atmosphere from the beginning of every course has garnered positive responses. We are dedicated to integrating these valuable learnings from our experience as instructors into our training business. We diligently listen to all perspectives, consider all feedback received, and take appropriate action.

As part of our commitment to excellence in client service we:

  • Deliver excellent training: We go above and beyond to ensure our courses are both informative and enjoyable. Our teaching methods incorporate humor, real-life scenarios, interactive participation, and hands-on learning to optimize the training experience. Utilize up-to-date and realistic equipment: By providing state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee that participants receive the highest quality training experience, leading to better retention of knowledge. We prioritize using feedback mannequins, realistic AED trainers, and individualized new dressings/bandages. 
  • Resolve issues promptly: During the course, we promptly address any issues that may arise, prioritizing immediate resolution. As business owners, we commit to responding to all customer communications within 24 hours. 
  • Cultivate an inclusive learning environment: We strive to create a safe and comfortable space where every participant feels valued. By fostering inclusivity, we ensure that participants have a memorable experience and are eager to return for future courses.
  • Encourage reviews: Reviews serve as a valuable tool for our business. We actively encourage participants to provide feedback through various channels, including paper feedback forms and online reviews on our website and Google Maps. Send timely reminders: Through reminder emails, we invite participants to return for further courses by highlighting certificate expiry dates (with their consent). We also leverage these emails to advertise our other courses. Implement strategic marketing and advertising: 
  • Our marketing plan outlines a multifaceted approach to promote our training business and attract new clients. As our business grows, we are prepared to expand our team to manage the increased time commitment required for customer service and marketing functions.