“Emily was such an unbelievably knowledgeable teacher and she made this program truly fun and interactive!”

“Just did the 2 day standard first aid training with Emily as the instructor and she did a spectacular job! Managed to make it fun while still keeping it quite informative.”

“Emily was actually amazing. I’ve never had so much fun doing first-aid. Could not recommend this course or location more!! Thank you Emily!”

“The class was so fun and well taught, Emily was a great teacher. She explained everything so clearly that I learned a lot about First aid, her class was so interesting that I never got bored in the first place. Loved her class”

“Emily was absolutely wonderful she made the classroom fun…..And she was very professional and educated….
It was the best first aid and CPR class I’ve ever taken… And I’ll be sure to tell my friends all about it…
And hopefully Emily is still around in another 3 years so I can take her class again…”

“It was an excellent course and it was because Emily made it that way! I was so nervous and anxious when I first got there but within a few minutes Emily had made me feel comfortable with being there and it only got better! Her personal experiences and little stories she shared with us were funny, heartwarming and sad and the games and challenges she came up with were amazing and fun! She has the right idea, just because we’re adults, it doesn’t have to be a boring, drawn out info session no one absorbs anyway. It was an excellent class that I would recommend to anyone and everyone and I hope Emily is well recognized for her efforts!
Sincerely, Angie.”

“Emily was a fantastic instructor! Relatable, approachable, knowledgeable and fun! She answered every one of our questions, allowed us to speak about our experiences and shared her own experiences. She shared tips and tricks along with charming anecdotes with every chapter of the course. She kept us all engaged and I felt very prepared by the end. Thanks Emily! Can’t wait to take other courses with you!”